Integrated mouse heart - homeostasis and stress

Pinto Lab - Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute


The integrated mouse heart dataset was developed by merging 4 mouse heart datasets ( Skelly et al., 2018; Farbehi et al., 2019; McLellan et al., 2020; Forte et al., 2020) to explore a comprehensive cardiac cellular map of mouse.

We defined four conditions based on similar initial conditions in individual dataset. Healthy-control condition included the control group from Skelly et al. (2018), day 7 sham from Farbehi et al. (2019) and Forte et al. (2020), and non-treatment/saline treated samples from McLellan et al. (2020). AngII group from McLellan et al. (2020) was defined as AngII-stressed. MI-day3 and MI-day7 contained corresponding samples from Farbehi et al. (2019) and Forte et al. (2020).


Raw data files for Farbehi et al., 2019 and McLellan et al., 2020 can be downloaded from the dataset page. The other two mouse-heart datasets are available through ArrayExpress accession numbers E-MTAB-6173 (Skelly et al., 2018), and E-MTAB-7895 (Forte et al., 2020). .